PhD level Microbiologist, Immunologist, Biochemist


Job Title: PhD level Microbiologist, Immunologist, Biochemist

Location: Alexandra Lounge, Maryland USA

Job Grade: (as Post-Doctoral Researchers)

Job Number:105102021

School/Service: COVID-19 Testing and investigation

Application Deadline: 31st January 2021

Responsible to Dr Bene Afolabi


Job Description

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to join the project managed by ZEAB Therapeutic under the management of Dr. Bene Afolabi ( and in partnership with University of East London, under the Supervision of  Dr. Winston Morgan   at  Health & Sport Science Centre University of East London (UEL). The research focuses on the current pandemic. We are establishing test centre at Alexandra Lounge, Maryland, USA and investigating on SARs-CoV-2, and proposing therapy for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.  Currently, we are particularly interested in the role genetics play in immune response to COVID-19. This research involves discovery and Lead Optimization of the development of novel anti-COVID therapies. The work will involve testing service, genotyping, cell culture, biochemical characterization, functional cell biology assay, and Xenograft mice models. The incumbent should have interest and skill in immunology

Working independently, but in close cooperation and in consultation with the Principal Investigator (Dr Bene) and research management assisted by Dr Winston. The research Post Doc will perform routine and complex laboratory procedures throughout their working period. The incumbent may develop, adapt and implement new research techniques and protocols and will analyse and interpret data. They will participate in publications and presentations as co-author.

This research will be sponsored by TEDCO, and other Venture Capitals in collaboration with ZEAB and University of East London. This opportunity is ideal for postdocs who are interested in infectious disease research, drug development and delivery.

salary:  competitive contract for 18 months

To be involved in COVID-19 testing using PCR (qPCR & dPCR) method.  Independently works on research projects designed by a mentor (typically the PI) within an area of specialization. Acquires thorough technical and theoretical knowledge of research project and objectives during 18 months of post-doctoral appointment. Demonstrated aptitude to perform experimental protocols and procedures, including detailed data collection, and analysis and operation and maintenance of specialized equipment. Knowledge of safety standards and maintenance of specialized equipment.

Designs and performs experiments. Will keep appropriate experimental records and documentation and analyse the results with the Principal Investigator.
Will develop, adapt, and implement new research techniques and protocols.
Analyses, interprets, summarizes and compiles data.
Performs routine and complex laboratory procedures throughout working period.
Operates and maintains equipment and instruments.
Participation in laboratory meetings, keeping a lab notebook, performing calculations, tabulating data, summarizing methods and results of related experiments and general lab maintenance will be required. The individual will be expected to function efficiently and cooperatively with a team of research associates.
Participate in publications and presentations as co-author

Additional Information:
Scheduling flexibility including evening, weekend and holiday rotation commitment is required. Excellent written and oral communication skills are essential.

• PhD in molecular biology, cell Biology, biochemistry or related area.
• Highly motivated with hands on experience on various molecular biology, protein chemistry, cell biology, microbiology, and immunology experiments.
• Hands on experience on dark-field, fluorescence, and confocal microscopes, HPLC, Mass Spectrometry, MALDI-TOF
• Prior experience in mouse models: xenograft or transgenic models is required.
• The candidate is expected to play an active and collaborative role in the lab and the department.

To apply, please email a cover letter, CV, and the names and contact information (including phone numbers) of three references to